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Our mission is to change the world for the better by empowering businesses to unlock their creative potential, accelerate production, and embrace environmentally responsible practices.


Building an innovative global network of sustainable large-scale 3D solutions.


We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, using eco-friendly materials, promoting circular economy principles, and enabling businesses to reduce their ecological footprint.


We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in 3D printing, and pioneering new approaches that redefine industry standards.


We take pride in delivering high-quality, precise, and reliable 3D printed products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.


We value efficiency, evident in the MAGNUM's faster production time, rapid installation process, and compact shipping size, enhancing productivity and minimising downtime for our customers.


We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, encouraging teamwork, and establishing strong partnerships with our clients and stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

Today, The Industry Sweden AB continues its journey under the leadership of Jonas Carlsson, who took on the role of CEO in 2022. The new adjusted strategy oriented towards expanding the brand through establishing strong international partnerships and collaborations fostering ongoing innovation and development, all driven by the company's noble mission to create a positive sustainable impact on the world around us.
Participation in Formnext 2022 served as a pivotal benchmark, positioning the MAGNUM as one of the world's most cost-efficient large-scale 3D printers. This achievement was further underscored by receiving the prestigious TCT award, receiving a title of “Highly Commended in Hardware Award - Polymer Systems”, cementing the company's status as one of the industry leaders.

In 2020, the company initiated key steps essential for its further growth, including the restructuring and rebranding. New investors have brought fresh ideas, vision and market driven opportunities centred around solving the challenges of sustainability and cost efficient production, ultimately shaping the new company’s primary focus. Therefore the company needed to embrace its new identity and by doing so the first MAGNUM printer was developed, signifying a shift toward standardised, cost efficient, high-volume production. MAGNUM, succeeding The BOX, was purposefully engineered to combat these challenges through enhancements in size, printing speed, and its capacity to now be able to utilise recycled and recyclable materials.

Moreover, together with the machine's development, the company has shifted its vision towards a stronger focus on sustainability, aiming to establish a worldwide network of environmentally-friendly large-scale 3D printing solutions. One significant step towards reaching this vision was joining the Vinnova Swedish Innovation Agency project, "Production2030 and Formas; OCEAN-LSAM." This initiative establishes a global network of circular economy microfactories dedicated to large-scale product manufacturing.

In alignment with a new strategy,  the company underwent a rebranding process, and in the autumn of 2021, The Industry Sweden AB made its strategic move to eastern Malmö, signifying the beginning of a new, fresh phase driven by innovation, collaboration and sustainability. 

Lumio, previously called Foenix, was a social media analytics company that helped brands like Audi, David Jones and Red Balloon source legitimate influencers for social media campaigns.


In 2016, BLB Industries introduced The Box, a groundbreaking large-scale FDM 3D printer that claimed the title of the world's largest at the time. The name of this printer reflected their unconventional approach of "thinking inside the box", a motto which, in many ways, would come to define their initial strategy.

The company was following a customised machine model, evident in The Box's availability in three distinct sizes, each meticulously tailored to fulfil the unique requirements of individual clients. It allowed the company to quickly establish itself as a global player, attracting a diverse clientele from countries such as India, Germany, Canada, the UK, and Sweden. These international partnerships served as the cornerstone of the company's growth and expansion, offering not only invaluable printing experience but also opportunities for ongoing research and development efforts.

The lasting legacy of BLB is evident as BLB machines continue to operate seamlessly, a testament to their exceptional quality and the feasibility of their innovative concepts.


The history of The Industry Sweden AB, formerly known as BLB Industries, serves as a testament to visionary innovation, unwavering resilience, and remarkable adaptability. Founded in 2015 by two visionary students and friends, Cim Bergdahl and Jacob Lundin, this Swedish company embarked on a remarkable journey to revolutionise the world of 3D printing. 

Their aspiration was bold: to create a Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) machine capable of revolutionising industrial production. Their vision transcended the limitations of traditional filament-based 3D printing, focusing instead on the efficient use of granulate materials for the production of large-scale objects. In 2015, the creation of BLB Industries marked the beginning of this transformative voyage, taking its name from the initials of its pioneering founders: Burman, Lundin, and Bergdahl.

big size. big opportunities. big savings.

Digital spare parts

10x lower cost compared to filaments.

A digital warehouse enabled by local eco-systems present actual lead time reduction, responsible use of resources, and progress for the local communities. Direct access to 3D printing services reduces the need to stockpile components. Replacements needed may be 3D-printed instantly, saving both time and money.

large scale 3d-printing made easy

the large scale Additive Manufacturing pipeline is the next gamechanger and a fundamental driver of the circular mindset.

Explore MAGNUM

Magnum is a powerful technology platform with a highly simplified operational process. Thanks to its intuitive UX and low threshold control interface operation is simple and straightforward. To start exploring the next step in large format 3D printing , download the Magnum brochure and contact our sales department.


With 3D printing, there are essentially no setup steps so large prototypes are significantly faster to print than to make them any other way.

Highly cost effective, Magnum competes with conventional assembly lines almost entirely because of the tooling costs of the latter. Also, consolidated assemblies usually cost less as well because of the ability to source material from one single platform.

Feeding MAGNUM

Magnum accepts both granules and pellets to expand and accelerate output. Using granules/pellets instead of filament has many advantages when you want to print large –including cost effectiveness, leading to as much as 10x lower cost compared to filaments.

Magnum prints with a variety of plastics, including RPP, PETG and RPLA. Common additives are wood fibers, glass fibers, carbon fibers and EPDM.

Operating MAGNUM

Magnum offers powerful control features based on Bosch Rexroth MTX system control. The platform also offers flexible camera control and mail/text module. A large touch display allows for easy setup and agile control of all crucial parameters.

600 mm/s print speed and up to 850 mm/s movement speed means manufacturing is fast and smooth. With linear module accuracy of 0.001 mm results are predictable and precise.

patented large-format technology

Magnum is capable of large-scale additive manufacturing based on a circular sustainable production platform. Patented technology makes it possible to realize XL models, prototypes, and final products in a short timeframe. A wide range of material options allows the user to finetune design and quality as well as the level of carbon footprint. As the prevention of waste throughout a product’s value chain is becoming the norm, Magnum's unique capabilities allows anyone to build circular strategies over linear processing.

learn about our patented process.

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Start your journey into large scale additive manufacturing

Industry™ will guide you through the transition into large format 3D printing capabilities. Call us to investigate the opportunities opening up through manufacturing based on MAGNUM printers. Or even better, come visit our state of the art AM factory in the south of Sweden.

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Sales & Marketing

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Magnum's large 2.16m3 print volume makes it possible to print massive objects and large detailed elements in a very compressed timeframe. Top speed 600mm per second is linked to project variables, eg. material, nozzle, temperature and model.


AND play


We not only make 3d printing easy, but we also want the whole process for you as a customer to be easy. Fast and easy installation and a short time to start printing! To deliver a great Magnum experience, we offer our customers a service and support agreement that includes everything required for your Magnum to be top-notch!